About Me

Regular blogger, sometimes aspiring author. By day, I’m a Software Developer at Alert Labs. By night I write things. Both of these look the exact same to an outside observer, because it’s just me sitting in front of a computer screen, hitting buttons.

Posts that make falsifiable statements about how the world is are tagged “falsifiable”. Posts that suggest ways of viewing the world are tagged “model”. Posts that deal with how I think the world should be are tagged “ethics”. Fiction is collected separately, or tagged “Austrian economics”.

This blog is mostly written from an empirically minded centre-left position, with special emphasis on the role that genuine trade-offs play in political theory. If you’re interested in the top level political views that shape how I write, you can look at my yearly political views posts, collected under the “My Biases” tag.

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All opinions are my own (unless otherwise noted). All original content licensed CC-BY-NC-SA v4 International.